I'm #Social #Honest #Consultant #Wise #here

I'm an IT lover always up to the times.
What I do is offer myself as web and social consultant.


Experience and seriousness characterize my way of working. 20 years of work in the IT industries have allowed me to handle delicate development and social tasks.

Why this page

First of all, I wanted a domain with my name. Second: I don't like to share a cold EUROPASS CV, that's why I've prefered this short material design webpage. Of course you can meet me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.


In my past I worked for: European Training Foundation, Solution in Magic, Eis World, SA Envitech, CGM Soccer Lab, Marco Berry, HC Valpellice, Torino Bulls ASDPS, Toroc and more. I also offer pro-bono services for NON PROFIT organization.